• Ongrodur-I

    Ongrodur-I solid industrial sheets.

    More specification
    The material can be thermoformed and fabricated, printed. All types are resistant to chemical and corrosive environments. ONGRODUR-I is available for internal and external applications. Our products are self-extinguishing and comply with the most demanding national fire resistance standards defined for plastics. ONGRODUR-I is available in the most popular industrial colours. However, other colours can be matched upon request. In order to protect the surface of the sheets, upon request, they are delivered with protective film layer bonded on one side.
    Delivery program
    Width: 1-20 mm
    Sizes: 1000*2000 mm (1-20 mm)
    1220*2440/3050 mm (1-18 mm)
    1500*3000 mm (1-12 mm)
    2000*3000 mm (1-4,5 mm)
    Colour: Industrial colours (white, grey, brown)
    • containers
    • covers
    • parts
    • chemical resistancy
    • self-extinguishing
    • very well vacuum formable
    • good mechanical properties
    • easily processed with any conventional tools
    • standard and / or increased impact resistance
    • gluable and weldable
    • can be easily bent at high and low temperatures