• Ongrofol® Thermoform

    We know that the excellent quality packing materials are an important factor for this industry, therefore we offer a wide range of ONGROFOL® THERMOFORM type films for thermoforming or vacuum forming applications.

    More specification
    Food grade films manufactured by Ongropack Ltd. are in compliance with European directives and regulations related to packaging materials intended to come into direct contact with food. Ongropack manufactures different types of ONGROFOL® THERMOFORM films to its Customers depending on application and processing, so we offer in our product range homo- and copolymer, normal and high impact resistance types, as well as some specialities like antistatic, anti block or high cold impact resistant films. We offer a wide range of clear, translucent and opaque colours for a variety of food and technical packaging applications. Our sales representatives are ready to give you advice on which of our range of films will be most suitable for your requirements.
    Delivery Program
    Width: 54-1550 mm
    Thickness: 150-700 μm
    Maximum roll diameter: 54-150 mm Max. 400 mm
    151-300 mm Max. 600 mm
    301-1550 mm Max. 800 mm
    Sheet size: 700*1000 mm
    1000*1400 mm
    Other sizes upon request.
    Core size (internal diameter): 76, 152 mm
    • food packaging
    • technical packaging purposes
    • tops
    • boxes
    • dividing
    • trays
    • caps
    • lids
    • excellent transparency
    • easy forming
    • resistency against some chemical materials
    • wide range of colours and dimensions
    • excellent thermoformability
    • special properties

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